Monster Labs EAA 35 Servings


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Monster Labs EAA

  • 20 Key ingredients for your everyday nutrition
  • Anytime energy, Anytime Focus & Anytime Hydration & Recovery.
  • 8600mg of Essential Amino Acids, including 7000mg BCAA per serving for muscle recovery. 1000mg Glutamine for better workout recovery
  • Added 100mg Caffeine for anytime Energy & Focus. [Caffeine free variant also available]
  • 1000mg Citrulline Malate for NO2 & Muscle Pump. NO2 production matrix for muscle pump and muscle endurance.
  • 1000mg Betaine, Coconut water powder & Added 5 electrolytes for better muscle hydration.
  • Vitamin B and Vitamin C for energy and immunity. High Concentration formula for anytime for the day including workout performance.
  • Added high concentration Green Tea extract for antioxidants & to increase metabolism.

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Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch


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